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The TARIR II and DG TAXUD connectionWeb page gives the on-line access to the applications and databases.

TARIC allows you to get integrated and up-to-date information concerning Customs Tariff.

Information System for Processing Procedures (ISPP) supports administrative procedures of Inward Processing (IP) and Outward Processing (OP). It supports the management of IP/OP applications and authorisations

SMS gives the possibility to query, create and update SMS organisations and to query, create and update SMS specimens and incidents. Revocations of SMS specimens can be handled here also. SMS allows to open asynchronously requested reports.

Tariff Quota System allows to view quota balances, quota requests sent from ASYCUDA to EU and answers to the sent quota requests. TQS gives the possibility to control the current state of quota requests, of answers and of quotas.

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